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Section I: Mission and Philosophy

Medical University of South Carolina
College of Health Profession
Division of Physical Therapy
Mission Statement

The mission of the Medical University of South Carolina’s Division of Physical Therapy is to prepare autonomous, compassionate, competent, and ethical entry-level physical therapy practitioners who are able to evaluate and utilize scientific literature in order to provide competent patient / client management, with sensitivity to diversity and culture.  We seek to improve the health of the citizens of South Carolina and beyond by emphasizing health promotion, prevention, and the restoration and maintenance of optimal physical function across the curriculum.  The division promotes advancement in the areas of physical therapy education, scholarship, and service, and supports interprofessional activities and post-professional education.

Division Goals in Support of the Mission:

Prepare students / graduates who:

  1. Provide competent patient care and management, who appreciate and work in interprofessional teams when appropriate 
  2. Are compassionate, competent, and ethical entry-level physical therapists, who demonstrate sensitivity to diversity and culture.
  3. Possess the skills necessary for evidence-based, autonomous practice
  4. Competent to evaluate and use scientific literature, and who are life-long learners and critical consumers of the literature.
  5. Will improve the quality of life and health of citizens in South Carolina and beyond by restoring and maintaining optimal physical function, health promotion, prevention, and through service activities.

Possess a faculty who as a collective:

  1. Promote the advancement of physical therapy education through sound education principles and professional development, including the use of contemporary educational technology.
  2. Promote the advancement of scholarship.
  3. Promote the advancement of service.
  4. Support intraprofessional and interprofessional activities in education, scholarship, service, and post-professional education.

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