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Section II: The Clinical Education Program and Policies

Clinical Education Policies

Role of the Director and Assistant Directors of Clinical Education (with administrative support):

The Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education:

  • Plans, implements and refines the academic clinical education component in collaboration with the academic faculty, clinical instructors and students.
  • Communicates and coordinates the flow of information between the affiliated sites and the academic institution.
  • Maintains updated clinical education files on each facility including contracts, Clinical Site Information Forms (CSIF) and student evaluations.
  • Maintains student clinical education files including clinical performance evaluations, necessary paperwork for clinical affiliations and the student clinical information sheet for up to date contact information while on affiliations.
  • Coordinates the preparation, assignment and supervision of students in clinical experiences.
  • Communicates with clinical education faculty and students before, during and after clinical education experiences.
  • Provides or coordinates counseling and remedial intervention on an as needed basis.
  • Recruits and develops new clinical sites on an as needed basis.
  • Assists clinical faculty development.
  • Assigns final grade for each clinical education experience.
  • Coordinates clinical site visits.

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