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Clinical Practicum II: PT-741

Method of Evaluation

The student clinical performance is documented using the Clinical Performance Instrument of the American Physical Therapy Association. Students are expected to demonstrate appropriate behaviors consistently on “red flag “items. The Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI) documentation and mid-term comments of the student and clinical instructor will be the primary sources for assessment of student progress and proficiency in clinical practice. The CPI should be completed by the CI and a separate copy by the student at mid-term and again at the end of the practicum. These should be discussed and signed off on in order for the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (ACCE) to review. Both the CI’s and the student’s self-assessment completed CPI’s should be fully completed online. The course is a pass/fail course.  The clinical instructor and the Center Coordinator of Clinical Education will assess student competence. The academic institution will determine appropriate action for students that are not at the appropriate level of competency at the end of the practicum.

Satisfactory performance on a clinical practicum must include:
  • Mid-term comments indicate satisfactory level of performance and no concerns were brought to the attention of the ACCE during the weeks following the mid-term.
  • No red flag items are identified as areas of concern.
  • Final performance is at a minimum of advanced intermediate clinical performance (interval 4).
  • Written comments on CPI do not indicate significant areas of concern.

A student who fails to meet the required level of professional competency during any of  the final clinical practicums (i.e. CP2-CP4) will not be issued a passing grade.  Any student who is unsuccessful in earning a passing grade will receive a learning contract that will indicate the specific expectations and requirements to successfully complete the repeated practicum. The student may be required to remediate prior to repeating the failed practicum.

Indicators of failed performance may include the following;

  • Any "red flag" items that are of “significant concern” at the final evaluation.
  • Evidence in the form of written documentation demonstrating greater than 2 areas of “significant concern”.
  • Written comments indicating lack of progress over the course of the rotation.
  • Failure to achieve an appropriate level of performance on the CPI as described in the course materials and syllabus.

If a student has to repeat a failed or non-completed final clinical practicum, then/he she will have to register for an additional semester to complete the practicum.  Any continuation of a clinical practicum beyond the date of graduation will result in the student having to register for the summer semester and paying tuition for the summer semester, regardless of the length of the practicum.  Because this is a repeated course, the student will not be eligible for financial aid.  

Any concerns will be discussed with the student. Any unsatisfactory student evaluations will result in an individualized educational plan for the student determined by the ACCE and Program Director with input from the program faculty.  The options available to remediate with a passing grade, include, but are not limited to:

  1. Additional time at that facility.
  2. An additional clinical assignment of an appropriate length.
  3. A successful remedial program followed by another clinical assignment of appropriate length.
A passing grade will be reported when all requirements of the individualized remediation plan are met.

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