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Expected Student Outcomes CP 1

  1. Demonstrated consistent scores within the first two (2) intervals, between “Beginning Performance and Intermediate Performance” in the first three (3) performance criteria.
  2. Documented developing competence in the remaining fifteen (15) performance criteria with consistent scoring in at least the first 2 intervals, between “Beginning Performance and Intermediate Performance”.
  3. Development of internal schemata for administration of patient/client evaluations typical of the facility evidenced by organization in administration of patient/client examination events.
  4. Proficiency in basic patient care skills, respective of the facility.
  5. Practical experience with varied patient/client interventions and competence in interventions that were repeated throughout the experience.
  6. Productivity in patient/client management as specified by initial student goals. Entry-level productivity is not expected, however student participation in some aspect of patient/client evaluation/intervention at an entry-level is reasonable in settings where patient/client mix and acuity is constant.
  7. Demonstrate attributes of professionalism by collaborating with the clinical instructor to maximize the learning experience, taking responsibility for attaining professional competence by seeking out learning activities and responding constructively to feedback.

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