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Who can I contact with any questions about posting a job?
Please contact the Student Life and Recruitment Office via email at or 843-792-3326 (Toll Free: 866-690-2284). Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 8 am-4:30pm.

Do you need to be notified when positions are filled?
Yes, we appreciate you letting us know if the position has been filled within the 30 days of you posting it in the Job Data Bank. Our goal is to maintain accurate and as up-to-date postings as possible.  

Is there a limit to how many jobs one company/employer may post?
There is no limit.

Can I edit/update/remove my job postings after it's been submitted?
Employers do not have access to edit/update their posting. Please contact us for help.

How long does it take for jobs to be posted?
Jobs are posted immediately once they have been submitted. You will receive an email confirmation that your information has been added to the Job Data Bank.

What is the difference between a nationwide job posting and a standard job posting?
We understand many employers recruit for numerous positions nationwide. In that instance, each individual city/ state will not be listed. Specific Responsibilities, qualifications needed and contact information, etc. will be listed for others to see, just not each specific location. You would be their contact for more detail on where the openings exist.

Can job flyers be posted on campus?
We will accept your fliers and put them up, yet we don't recommend this as your best recruitment tool. The majority of our students, especially those with clinical rotations (DPT, OT, CVP, CRNA and PA) are out on clinical rotations their second/ third years until their graduation, so it's best to reach them via the Job Databank where they can view openings at anytime, no matter where they may be located.

Is there any other way to recruit CHP students?
We no longer host a College wide Career Fair and currently only offer one on-site Career Fair for our Physical Therapy program. Some programs also welcome you to come in and host a Lunch and Learn or similar event to speak to students. We encourage you to contact the individual departments for more information.


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