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Cardiovascular Perfusion Jobs

Job Title: Cardiovascular Perfusionist/ Staff Perfusionist
City: Amarillo
State: Texas
Setting/ Specific Responsibilities: All adult procedures
Name: Bret J Sadler
Title: Owner/Perfusionist
Company: Amarillo Perfusion Systems
Company Location: United States
Best way to apply: Email
Job Title: Cardiovascular Perfusionist
State: Detroit
Setting/ Specific Responsibilities: Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit is seeking two new or recently graduated, full time Perfusionist. A Bachelor or Master degree in a CAHEA Perfusionist Training Program is required. Post grad experience is preferred. Full time 40 hours per week exempt. Rotations based on OR scheduling. Full time benefit package. Major responsibilities include elective/emergent cardiac cases, heart, lung and liver transplantation, ECMO, EISOR, Angiovac, TAVR and lead extraction standbys and all other types of bypass where needed. May perform any of these functins in the research laboratory. Complies clinical and research date. Interprets data and recommends a course of action.  Interested candidates may contact Ron Scott, Recruiter, at 313-874-7321 for further information or question about the position. Or candidates may directly apply to the position requistion at Please forward curriculum vitae to Michael Fried at
Name: Michale Fried
Company: Henry Ford Hospital
Company Location: Detroit
Telephone: 313-790-6489


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