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Health Administration Jobs

Job Title: Practice Administrator Fellowship
City: West Columbia
State: South Carolina
Setting/ Specific Responsibilities:Physician Practice Management
Qualifications Needed: Bachelors in Healthcare Administration, Health Serices Management, Public Health or other related program. Masters in Health Administration
Salary: $29,785
Name: Patricia Perez
Company: Lexington Medical Center
Company Location: West Columbia, SC
Best way to apply:
Job Title: Practice Administrator Fellowship program
City: Lexington
State: SC
Setting/ Specific Responsibilities: Lexington Medical Center is seeking enthusiastic and motivated candidates who have successfully completed or anticipated
completion of a bachelor's or graduate degree in Healthcare Administration, Business Administration, Business Management, Health Services Management, Public Health or related programs. Application accepted: July -Oct. 31, 2014; Initial Interviews: September-November; Executive Panel Interviews: December
- January; Fellowship Start Date: June 2015. Duration: The Fellowship lasts 12 month beginning annually in June. Compensation: Lexington Medical Center
provides competitive compensation and benefits.
Name: Patricia S. Perez
Title: Lexington Medical Center/ Workforce Development Coordinator
Company: Lexington Medical Center
Company Location: West Columbia, SC 29169
Telephone: 8023.936-4104
Fax: 803.936-7898
Best way to apply: Please go to


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