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Conference Agenda

Below is the agenda for Thursday, October 16th, for our session, "The Team Approach to Cardiac Surgery"!

7:30-8 : 30Donna Kern MDFuture of Medical Education and Continuing Education
8:00-8:30Danielle Scheurer MDPatient Safety
8:30-9:00Jerry E. Squires MDBlood Transfusion
9:00-9:30Amy Lauren Haney PharmDPediatric Medication Safety
9:30-10:00Andrew M.  Atz MDInterventional Cardiology in Pediatric Patients
10:00-10:30Jennifer Cook MD  Destination Therapy
10:30-11:00John S. Walton MDRoom 2 Cru
11:00-11:30Eric M. Graham MDPediatric Critical Care
11:30-12:00Anthony G.  Shackelford DHA, CCPAdult Perfusion
1:00-1:30James H. Abernathy MD FOCUS Safety Group
1:30-2:00Jeffrey R. Acsell MPS CCPPediatric Perfusion
2:00-2:30Daniel H. Steinberg MDAdult Interventional Cardiology
2:30-3:00Minoo Kavarana MDPediatric Ventricular Assist
3:00-3:30John S. Ikonomidis MD PhDAortic Aneurysm Repair
3:30-4:00Scott M. Bradley MDPediatric Cardiac Surgery
4:00-4:30John M. Toole MDAdult Ventricular Assist
4:30-5:00Mario Castillo-Sang MDMinimally Invasive Surgical Procedures in Adults

Check back soon for the agenda for the rest of the conference!


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