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Student Testimonials

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Hear what our students said...

About the program

“We were taught a wide variety of ways to do things and on different types of equipment, so we could better adapt. We were also not only taught how to do something, but also why. This really helps with problem solving.”

“Working with several surgeons helped me to understand different ways of completing the same procedures”

“The program prepared me a great deal for the clinical basis of perfusion."

“I feel I was prepared as a perfusionist to communicate well with others. I also feel that I was clinically prepared to face tough situations.”

About the Simulation Lab

"The simulation lab is a very good tool in getting an early start on troubleshooting problems and making split second decisions.”

"The CPB Simulator helped prepare me for different situations that cannot be duplicated in the clinical setting."

About the Clinical Rotations

“The clinical rotations taught me how to be amenable to change and adapt quickly in a new setting. Also, I felt more knowledgeable overall when it came to basic science and the program did a great job not only teaching how to use the heart-lung machine, but why we did certain things.”

“Five clinical rotations, two outside and three at MUSC prepared me for using diverse equipment for the same purpose.”

“The program has great rotations. The away rotations are the key to a good program."


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