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Heather Shaw Bonilha

Heather Bonilha

Heather Shaw Bonilha, PhD, CCC-SLP
Associate Professor
Department of Health Science & Research
77 President St. MSC 700

Charleston, SC 29425

Office: C311
Phone: 843-792-2527
Fax: 843-792-1358



  • Ph.D. Speech Language Pathology, University of South Carolina (2005)
  • MA Speech Language Pathology, University of Central Florida (2002)
  • BA Speech Language Pathology, University of Central Florida (1999)

Areas of Teaching

  • Rehabilitation Theories and Models
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Translational Research

Research Interests



  • NIH/NIDDK. R01. “Impact of Pulse Rate on Swallowing Impairment Assessment and Radiation Exposure”, (Principal Investigator) 2013-2018
  • NIH/NCRR. SCTR Pilot Project UL1 RR029882. “Impact of Acute Stroke Brain Lesion and Swallowing Impairment on Short-Term Swallowing Outcomes”, (Principal Investigator) 2010-2012
  • NIH/NCRR. KL2 UL1 RR029882. “Standardizing Laryngeal Endoscopy”, (Principal Investigator) 2010-2013
  • NIH/ NIDCD. R03. "Throat Clearing, Coughing, and Alternative Behaviors", (Principal Investigator) 2008-2010.
  • NIH/NIDCD. ARRA Equipment Supplement for R03. 2009.


Publications (* indicates student authorship)  

  • White, B.*, Bonilha, H.S., Ellis, C. (in press). Racial/Ethnic differences in childhood blood lead levels: A systematic review of the literature. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities.
  • Smalls, B.L.*, Walker, R.J.*, Bonilha, H.S., Campbell, J.A., Egede, L.E. (in press). Community interventions to improve glycemic control in African Americans with Type 2 Diabetes: a systematic review. Global Journal of Health Science.
  • Halstead, L., McBroom, D., Bonilha, H.S. (2015). Task-specific singing dystonia: vocal instability that technique cannot fix. Journal of Voice, 29(1): 71-78.
  • Focht, K.*, Martin-Harris, B., Bonilha, H.S. (2015). Rater methodology for stroboscopy: a systematic review. Journal of Voice, 29(1): 101-108.
  • Bonilha, H.S., Simpson, A.N.*, Ellis, C., Mauldin, P.D., Martin-Harris, B. Simpson, K.N. (2014). One year cost of post-stroke dysphagia. Dysphagia, 29(5): 545-552.
  • Focht, K.*, Martin-Harris, B., Bonilha, H.S. (2013). Stroboscopic parameters as voice outcome measures in head and neck cancer: A systematic review. Journal of Medical Speech-Language Pathology, 21(3): 225-234.
  • Simpson, A.N.*, Bonilha, H.S., Kazley, A.S., Zoller, J.S., Ellis, C. (2013). Marginal costing methods highlight the contributing cost of comorbid conditions in Medicare patients: a quasi-experimental case-control study of ischemic stroke costs. Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation, 11(1):29. As of 02/24/2015, cited by 1.
  • Walker, R.J.*, Smalls, B.L.*, Bonilha, H.S., Campbell, J.A., Egede, L.E. (2013). Behavioral interventions to improve glycemic control in African Americans with Type 2 Diabetes: a systematic review. Ethnicity and Disease, 23: 401-408. As of 02/24/2015, cited by 1.
  • Bonilha, H.S., Blair, J., Carnes, B., Huda, W., McGrattan, K.*, Humphries, K., Michaels, Y., Martin-Harris, B. (2013). Preliminary investigation of the effect of pulse rate on judgments of swallowing impairment and treatment recommendations. Dysphagia, 28(4): 528-538. As of 02/24/2015, cited by 5.
  • Charalambous, C.C.*, Bonilha, H.S., Kautz, S.A., Gregory, C.M., Bowden, M.G. (2013). Rehabilitating walking speed after stroke with treadmill-based interventions: A systematic review of randomized trials. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 27(8):709-721. As of 02/24/2015, cited by 1.
  • Bonilha, H.S., Humphries, K., Blair, J., Hill, E., McGrattan, K.*, Carnes, B., Huda, W., Martin-Harris, B. (2013). Radiation exposure time during MBSS: Influence of swallowing impairment severity, medical diagnosis, clinician experience, and standardized protocol use. Dysphagia, 28(1): 77-85. PMID: 22692431 As of 02/24/2015, cited by 13.
  • Marlow, N.*, Bonilha, H.S., Short, B. (2013). Efficacy of transcranial direct current stimulation and repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for treating fibromyalgia syndrome: a systematic review. Pain Practice, 13(2): 131-145. As of 02/24/2015, cited by 23.
  • Bonilha, H., White, L.*, Kuckhahn, K.*, Gerlach, T., Deliyski, D. (2012). Vocal fold mucus aggregation in persons with voice disorders. Journal of Communication Disorders, 45(4):304-11. PMCID:PMC3367063
  • Bonilha, H.S., Dawson, A.E., McGrattan, K.E*. (in press). Are improved rater reliability results associated with faster reaction times after rater training for judgments of laryngeal mucus? SPIE Digital Library.
  • Bonilha, H. S., Gerlach, T.T., Sutton, L.E., Dawson, A.E., Nietert, P. (in press). Laryngeal sensation before and after clearing behaviors. Journal of Voice.
  • Ellis, C., Simpson, A.N.*, Bonilha, H.S., Mauldin, P.D., Simpson, K.N. (2012). One year cost of post-stroke aphasia. Stroke, 43(5):1429-1431.
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  • Bonilha, H.S., Dawson, A.E. (in press). Creating a mastery experience during the voice evaluation. Journal of Voice.Bonilha, H., O’Shields, M., Gerlach, T., Deliyski, D. (2009). Arytenoid Adduction Asymmetries in Persons with and without Voice Disorders. Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology, 34(3):128-134.
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  • 2012 Award of Achievement. 2nd Place Scientific Abstract: Poster Presentation. Awarded at the 20th Annual Dysphagia Research Society Meeting, March 10, 2012, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • 2011 Developing Scholar Award, College of Health Professions, MUSC
  • 2010 Manuel Garcia Prize, presented at the 28th IALP World Congress August 22, 2010.
  • First Annual Sataloff Young Investigator Award, The Voice Foundation (2009)
  • Lessons for Success Award, ASHA/NIH (2009)
  • ASHA Early Career Contributions to Research Award (2008)
  • New Investigator Research Forum, The Voice Foundation, Philadelphia, PA Awarded for "An Investigation of the Impact of Mucus and Mucus Clearing Behaviors" (2005)



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