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David Graber

David Graber, PhD

David Graber, PhD
Associate Professor
Health Administration & Policy
151B Rutledge Avenue, MSC 962

Charleston, SC 29425

Phone: (843) 792-9218
Fax: (843) 792-3327


  • BA, Psychological Services, University of San Francisco (1978)
  • MPH, Health Administration, University of San Francisco (1981)
  • PhD, Health Policy and Administration, University of North Carolina (1993)

Areas of Teaching

  • Organization Theory and Behavior
  • Health Behavior and Epidemiology
  • Health Care Ethics
  • Long-Term Care


  • Buchanan, R., Choi, M., Wang, S., Ju, H.,  & Graber, D. Nursing Home Residents with Alzheimer's Disease in Special Care Units Compared to Other Residents with Alzheimer's Disease.  Dementia:  The International Journal of social work and Practice. 4;2, 2005, 249-268.
  • Buchanan, R., Wang, S., Ju, H., & Graber, D. Analysis of Gender Differences in profiles of Nursing Home Residenta with Alzheimer's Disease.  Gender Medicine. 1:1, 2004.
  • Graber, D., & Mitcham, M. Compassionate Clinicians: Taking Patient Care Beyond the Ordinary. Holistic Nursing practice. 18:2, 2004, 87-94.
  • Graber, D., Johnson, J., and Jones, W. Human and Ecosystem Health: The Environment-Agriculture Connection in Developing Countries.  Journal of Agro-Medicine: Agromedicine - Selected Papers from the First Ten Years. 9:2, 2004, 131-146.
  • Graber, D., and Mitchum, M. Caring and Communication. Advance for Nurses. 4;24, 2002, 27-28.
  • Graber, D., & Jones, W. Health Care for Family Farmers and Women Involved in Farm Economics (WIFE). Journal of Agromedicine. 7:4, 2001, 29-38.
  • Forti, E., Johnson, J.A., & Graber, D. Aging in America: Trends and Challenges for Health and Human Services Managers. Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, Fall, 2001, 203-213 (published Winter, 2001-02).
  • Graber, D., Nappi, J., Bellack, J, Lancaster, C., Musham, C. Curriculum Change in Pharmacy Education: Current Views. Pharmaceutical Education - Chinese Journal. (Fall) 3, 2001, 45-48.
  • Buchanan, R., Wang, S., Huang, C., & Graber, D. Profiles of Nursing Home Residents with Multiple Sclerosis Using the Minimum Data Set. Multiple Sclerosis, 7, 2001, 189-200.
  • Graber, D. & Johnson, J. Spirituality and Health Care Organizations. Journal of Healthcare Management, 46:1, 2001, 39-52.


  • Health Economics Research Unit.  Out of Home Placement program System Outcome Evaluation. Co-Investigator. $400,000.  Subcontract funded by the South Carolina Medicaid Agency, through Carolina Medical Review, awarded August 2002.  8/01/02 - 12/31/03.
  • Health Economics Research Unit.  Budgetary Impact of Obesity and Smoking.  South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. $133,000. 8/01/03 - 8/01/04.  Co-Investigator.
  • Spirituality in the Lives of Compassionate Clinicians Working in Hospitals.  Principal 
    Investigator. $46,315.  Fetzer Institute.
  • Cognition and ADL Status of Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease Leaving the Community and Entering Nursing homes.  Principal Investigator.  $99,165.  US Alzheimer's Association.  10/01/01 - 06/01/04.
  • ADL Dependency and Cognitive Performance Among Elderly LTC Admissions in 6 Southeastern States.  Principal Investigator. $43,486.  South Carolina Research Initiative. January 1, 2001.
  • Expansion Of A Care Management Model For Rural Minority Elders. Co-author of original proposal.  $414,000.  the Duke Endowment.  March, 2001.
  • Analysis of nursing Home Residents with Multiple Sclerosis.  Coinvestigator.  Principal Investigator, Dr. Robert Buchanan.  $24,926.  National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  September 1, 1999.
  • Rural Geriatric Care Management Program.  Co-Principal Investigator.  $456,198.  South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. August 29, 1998.
  • Curriculum Trends in Health Professions Education.  Co-Principal investigator. $20,000.  pew Health professions Commission.  October 1, 1995.
  • Indicators of Physical Restraint use in U.S. Nursing Homes.  Principal Investigator, $2,296. MUSC College of Health Professions Research Seed Money.  July 9, 1997.

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