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Abby Swanson Kazley

Abby Swanson Kazley, PhD

Abby Swanson Kazley, PhD
Associate Professor
Health Administration & Policy
151B Rutledge Avenue, MSC 962

Charleston, SC 29425

Phone: (843) 792-0012
Fax: (843) 792-3327


  • PhD, Health Services Organization and Research, Virginia Commonwealth University, (2006)
  • MT, General and Special Education, University of Virginia, (2001)
  • BA, Sociology, University of Virginia, (2001)

Areas of Teaching

  • Health Care Management
  • Health Care Strategic Management

Academic Class

  • HAP 719 Health Care Management
  • HAP 739 Health Care Strategic Planning

Research Interests


  • Kazley, A.S., and Ozcan, Y.A. (2007). Organizational and environmental determinants of hospital EMR adoption: a national study.  Journal of Medical Systems. 31(5): 375-84.
  • Kazley, A.S., and Ozcan, Y.A. (2008). Does hospital electronic medical record use increase health care quality? An examination of three clinical conditions. Medical Care Research and Review. 65(4): 496-513.
  • Kazley, A.S., and Ozcan, Y.A. (2009). Electronic Medical Record Use and Efficiency:  A DEA and Windows Analysis of Hospitals. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences. 43(3): 209-216.
  • Teufel, R.J., Kazley, A.S., and Basco, W.T. (2009). Early Adopters of Computerized Physician Order Entry in Hospitals That Care for Children: A Picture of US Health Care Shortly After the Institute of Medicine Reports on Quality. Clinical Pediatrics. 48(4): 389-96.
  • Kazley, A.S., Hillman, D.G., Johnston, K., and Simpson, K.N. (2010). Hospital Care for Patients Experiencing Weekends Vs Weekdays Stroke: A comparison of the quality and aggressiveness. Archives Neurology. 67(1): 39-44.
  • Wager, K.A., Schaeffner, M.J., Foulois, B., Kazley, A.S., Parker, C., and Walo, H. (2010). Comparison of the Quality and Timeliness of Vital Signs Data During a Multi-Phase EHR Implementation. Computers, Informatics, and Nursing, 28(4): 205-212. ** Selected as CE article
  • Moore, BR., Simpson, KN., Kay, W., and Kazley, AS. (2010). Piloting A Method To Measure Satisfaction With HIV Care.  American Journal of Medical Quality. 25(5): 384-91
  • Shoemaker, L, Kazley, AS, and White, A. (2010). Making the Case For Evidence-based design. A descriptive case study of decision making. Health Environments, Research and Design Journal. 4(1): 22-41.
  • Fine, S, Loheide, L, Simpson, KN, Kazley, AS, and Clarke, R. ( December 2010). Tele-Intensivist Coverage of the Community Hospital ICU: Feasibility, Costs, and Consequences. HFMA Magazine.
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  • Diana, MD, Kazley, AS, and Menachemi, N. (2011). An Assessment of Health Care Information and Management Systems Society and Leapfrog Data on Computerized Provider Order Entry. Health Services Research. 46(5): 1575-91. doi: 10.1111/j.1475-6773.2011.01259.x. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Teufel, R, Kazley, AS, and Basco, W. (2011). Is computerized physician order entry use associated with a decrease on hospital resource utilization in hospitals that care for children? Journal of Medical Systems.
  • Kazley, AS, Diana, MD, and Menachemi, N. (2011). The Agreement and Internal Consistency of National Hospital EMR Measures. Health Care Management Science. 14(4): 307-313.
  • Kazley, AS, Diana, MD, Ford, E, and Menachemi, N. (2011). Is EHR Use Associated with Patient Satisfaction in Hospitals? Health Care Management Review. 37(1).
  • Menachemi, N, Mazurenko, Kazley, AS, Diana, MD and Ford, WE. (2011). Market Factors and EMR Adoption in Medical Practices. Health Care Management Review.
  • Diana, MD, Kazley, AS, Ford, WE, and Menachemi, N. (2012). Hospital Characteristics Related to the Intention to Apply for “Meaningful Use” Incentive Payments. American Health Information Management Association. (forthcoming)
  • Shin, DY, Menachemi, N, Kazley, AS, Diana, M, and Ford, EW. (2012) Payer-Mix and EHR Adoption in Hospitals. Journal of Health Care Management. (forthcoming)
  • Kazley, AS, McLeod, A, and Wager, KA. (2012). Assessing Telemedicine in an International Context: Definition, Use, Quality, Cost, and Future. Advances in Health Care Management Review. (forthcoming)


  • MUSC Foundation for Teaching Excellence Developing Teacher of the Year 2009-2010
  • MUSC College of Health Professions Developing Scholar of the Year 2008-2009

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