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James S Zoller

james S. Zoller, PhD Professor Chair - Department of Healthcare Leadership & Management ; Director - DHA Division

James S Zoller, MHA, Ph.D.
Professor and Interim Dean
151-B Rutledge Avenue, MSC 962
Charleston, SC 29425

Office: A328


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Education & Certification

  • Ph.D. Biometry and Epidemiology, Medical University of South Carolina (1998)
  • MHA, Virginia Commonwealth University of Medicine / Medical College of Virginia (1977)
  • Certificate in Health Services Management, University of Virginia - Northern Regional Center (1974)
  • BA Biology, Park College (1970)

Areas of Teaching

  • Statistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Behavior
  • Research Methods

Research Interests

  • Managerial Epidemiology
  • Healthcare Outcomes Measurement
  • Population Health
  • Educational technology

Recent Publications

  • Zoller, JS (2016). Population Health. In J Shiver & J Cantiello (Eds.), Managing Integrated Health Systems. (pp 277-298). Burlington, Ma: Jones & Bartlett Learning.
  • Kazley AS, Zoller JS, Dickerson L. (2016) Student Competency Self-Assessment Measurement: Frame of Reference is Everything. The Journal of Health Administration Education, Vol 33(1): 201-209.
  • Smalls BL, Gregory CM, Zoller JS, Egede LE. (2015) Direct and indirect effects of neighborhood factors and self-care on glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes. Journal of Diabetes and its Complications Mar; 29(2):186-91.
  • Friday L, Zoller JS, Hollerbach A, Jones K, Knofczynski G. (2015) The Effects of a Prelicensure Extern Program and Nurse Residency Program on New Graduate Outcomes and Retention. Journal for Nurses in Professional Development, Vol 31(3): 151-157.
  • Simpson AN, Bonilha HS, Kazley AS, Zoller JS, Simpson KN, Ellis C. (2015) The Impact of Outpatient Rehabilitation Medicare Reimbursement Caps on Utilization and Cost of Rehabilitation Care after Ischemic Stroke: Do Caps contain costs? Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In press.
  • BL Smalls, Gregory CM, Zoller JS, Egede LE. (2014) Effect of Neighborhood Factors on Diabetes Self-Care Behaviors in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, Dec; 106(3):435-42.
  • Hernandez-Tejada, MA, Zoller, JS, Ruggiero, KJ, Kazley, AS, and Acierno, R. (2014). Early Treatment Withdrawal from Evidence-Based Psychotherapy for PTSD: Telemedicine and In-Person Parameters. The International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine, Vol. 48: 33-55.
  • Simpson, A., Bonilha, H., Kazley, A., Zoller, JS., & Ellis, C. (2013). Marginal costing methods highlight the contributing cost of comorbid conditions in Medicare patients: a quasi-experimental case–control study of ischemic stroke costs. Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation, 11(29).
  • Simpson, A., Bonilha, H., Kazley, A., & Zoller, JS. (2013). How big is the difference between marginal cost versus total cost estimates? the case of ischemic stroke in South Carolina. Value Health, 16(3), A281.
  • Kazley, A., Annan-Coultas, D., Carson, N., Freeland, M., Hodge, A., Seif, G., & Zoller, JS (2013). Understanding the use of Educational Technology Among Faculty, Staff, and Students at a Medical University. TechTrends, 57(2), 63-70.
  • Shrader, S., D. Kern, JS Zoller, & A Blue. Interprofessional Teamwork Skills as Predictors of Clinical Outcomes in a Simulated Healthcare Setting. Journal of Allied Health. 2013: 42(1), p1E-6E.

Recent Honors & Awards

  • MUSC College of Health Professions Excellence in Service Award, 2009
  • MUSC Excellence in Teaching - Mentorship Nominee, 2008

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