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College Diversity Committee

A critical strategic goal of the College of Health Professions is to increase student diversity and ensure that all graduates are culturally competent. To achieve this goal, several years ago Dr. Lisa Saladin, Dean of the College established a College Diversity Committee. Comprised initially of faculty, staff, and students, this committee identified and has begun to implement strategies for recruiting and retaining a diverse student body, and for ensuring that the learning environment provides ample opportunity for students to develop cultural competency.

Key initiatives in which the Committee has been involved:

  • Sponsoring Student Essay Writing Contest on the Value of Diversity in the Healthcare Workforce
  • Hosting Health Advisors Day
  • Increasing Scholarship Opportunities for Students
  • Expanding Recruitment Activities Among High School students
  • Assessing Cultural Competency Content in Curricula
  • Administering Cultural Empathy Survey to New Students
  • Supporting the Summer Careers Academy for Minority Students Interested in Health Professions
  • Partnering with MUSC Student Organizations to Host Student Events Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Committee Members:



Hazel Breland, Phd, OTR/L
Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy

Sandy Brotherton, PT, PhD
Professor & Admissions Coordinator, Physical Therapy

Christopher Chillura, PA-C, MSPAS
Instructor, Physician Assistant Studies

Jami Jones, PhD
Director and Professor, Master in Health Administration
Chair, Department of Healthcare Leadership and Management

Rick Segal, PT,  PhD, FAPTA
Professor and Chair, Department of Health Professions

Naomi Sampson
Director, Executive Operations and Project Management

Cristina Reyes Smith, OTD, OTR/L
Assistant Professor, Division of Occupational Therapy
Diversity Liaison
Chair, CHP Diversity Committee

Craig Velozo, PhD, OTR
Director and Professor, Occupational Therapy


Karen A. Wager, DBA
Professor and Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Tajuan Wilson, MPA, Ed.D
Assistant Professor and Executive Director, Student Programs and Student Diversity, MUSC

D'Andra Roper
Program Assistant
Center for Rehabilitation Research in Neurological Conditions

Adrienne Edge
Associate Director of Student Diversity & Community Outreach
Office of Student Life & Recruitment

Meghan Herbert
Business Manager, Department of Health Professions

Erin Skinner
Admisnistrative Coordinator, Dean's Office


Spencer Baron
Student, Doctor of Physical Therapy
Class of 2019
Aaron Embry, PT, DPT, MSCR
Research Associate, Physical Therapy
Prakruti Hansaliya
Student, Cardiovascular Perfusion

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