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Faculty Diversity Taskforce

A key initiative of the College of Health Professions and MUSC is to increase the faculty diversity. Under the direction of the College of Health Professions dean, Dr. Lisa Saladin, a faculty diversity task force was established to address diversity among the college’s faculty.  The rationale for the task force emerges from collective evidences indicating that a diverse cadre of scholarly educators can serve to support the university’s mission to inspire students to lifelong learning in the service of human health.  Diversity among faculty in the College of Health Professions will offer students diverse perspectives, diverse values and transformative approaches to solving health problems statewide and beyond.  Diverse faculty are also key the College’s goal to achieve national distinction in health professions education, scholarship and research. 

Task Force Members:



Gilbert Boissonneault, PhD, PA-C
Professor, Program Director, Physician Assistant Studies

Hazel Breland, Phd, OTR/L
Assistant Professor,  Interim Academic Fieldwork Coordinator,
Occupational Therapy Educational Program

Debora Brown, PT, DPT, MTC
Associate Professor, Clinical Education Coordinator,
Division of Physical Therapy




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