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Campus Tour Request Form

Please fill out this form and we will be in touch with you via email or phone to confirm your tour. Thank you for your interest in the College of Health Professions.

Please note: All College of Health Professions students will be on break between semesters from August 8 - 20, 2014 and students will be unavailable to tour.

General Information
College of Health Professions Programs [Please select the program(s) you are interested in]
List of Programs*
Visit Information
Program and Tour Availability:
Anesthesia for Nurses --- Thursdays at 12:30pm
Cardiovascular Perfusion --- Thursdays at 12:30pm
Occupational Therapy --- Mondays and Tuesdays at 12:00pm
Physical Therapy --- Mondays and Tuesdays at 12:00pm
Physician Assistant Studies --- Thursdays and Fridays at 12:00pm
*Overall tour --- Friday at 12:00pm (May not be with your program of interest's student ambassador)


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