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Meredith B. - PA Student Ambassador

My name is Meredith B. and I was born and raised in the capital of our beautiful state—Columbia, SC.  I graduated from Clemson University in May of 2009 with a B.S. in Microbiology and despite being from gamecock country and having a family dominated by garnet, my blood runs orange. 

Fun Facts about me: My mother changed my middle name legally after initially naming me and blames it on “hormones", I can stick my tongue to my nose, My voice often lacks decibel control, I love to read teen best sellers, I love children and want a BIG family, I have coached volleyball for Middle school volleyball at Porter-Gaud in Charleston for the past 2 years.

Things you should know about the CHP--MUSC: MUSC is located in Charleston, SC, which is known as The Holy City. This beautiful city was one of the original 13 colonies and is brimming with history—along with any and everything you could ever want to see or do,Out-of-state students should’t worry about coming to a new and unfamiliar city because “Southern-hospitality” means that the residents of Charleston have never met a stranger and welcome newcomers with open arms, MUSC is a research hospital, meaning that students get the advantage of top of the line medical research technology along with the ability to work side by side with graduate students, and professionals working at the hospital.

I chose MUSC because the technology at MUSC in the CHP building is impeccable with laptop hookup and camera recorded lectures in every classroom making learning flexible for every type of student, PA Students at MUSC have the unique experience of gross anatomy cadaver lab ( which is unique among other schools), MUSC was an obvious choice for me after my interview because of the connection I felt with the individuals I met on my visit. 

My desire to pursue a career as a PA cannot be pin-pointed to a single previous experience, mentor, or personal characteristics; rather, it is a medley of countless reasons.  This myriad of answers includes the fact that I am a strong team builder who works well in groups as proven through my dedication in scholastic and extracurricular activities.  A Physician Assistant must be an active part of a team while respecting and knowing their limits.  It is humbling to not always know an answer, as I learned while being a tutor, and the characteristic of humility is also one valued in medicine. 

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