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About the Program

The College of Health Professions welcomes career-oriented individuals who want to help shape the direction of health care organizations. Students are sought who bring both a business mind and a commitment to caring for the enterprise, its patients and families, and its employees. Our students gain employment in hospitals, physician practices, long term care settings, and consultant organizations. Our Master of Health Administration program is offered in two formats.

Master of Health Administration Executive Format

Executive MHA students are working health care professionals who balance their studies with their careers. Instruction is delivered primarily online, allowing students to continue working while completing two to three years of coursework. Students report to campus for a long weekend of study and collaboration once every semester. Graduates complete 54 credit hours; no internship is required.

Master of Health Administration Residential Format

Residential MHA students require little or no healthcare experience, and engage as full-time students. Classes are conducted face-to-face and we offer many opportunities for real-world learning. Residential MHA students fulfill a six-credit hour internship between their first and second years. Students complete 62 credit hours, including the internship and an interprofessional course.

Measures of Student Success
Percent of students who graduate on time for 2012-2013- 100%
Percent of students employed in health care within 3 months of graduation for 2012-2013- 81%

Goals  |  Our curriculum prepares graduates to have a broad understanding of the health care system and factors impacting its various components. We train our students to be able to apply concepts and managerial skills in human resources, strategic planning, decision-making, finance, marketing and information systems. We are proud that alumni are able to take an integrated approach to managing health care professionals and facility operations.

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