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Conference Bio and Presentation Page

Robert and Mary C. Curtis Keynote Address

Bob Barnes, PhD - Presentation

Panel One: Bending the Execution Curve: Implementing Successful Organizational Change in Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

Moderator: Chuck Taylor - White Paper: GE Healthcare - Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Approach

Panelist: Tim Hobbs, MD - Panel One Presentation

Panelist: Vincent Joseph,MHA, FACHE

Panelist: Ninfa Saunders, DHA, MBA, MSN, FACHE

Panel Two: Medical Tourism: The Globalization of Healthcare

Moderator: Michael Meacham, JD, MPH

Panelist: Jeanne Cooper RN, MPH - Presentation

Panelist: David Boucher, MPH - Presentation

Panel Three: Employing Social Media to Build Customer Satisfaction and Community Outreach

Moderator: Jessica Munday, MHA

Panelist: Lee Aase - Presentation

Panelist: Elissa Nauful - Presentation


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