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2016-17 Admissions Requirements (for students entering the program in May 2017)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective January 1st, 2017, the MUSC PAS Program will begin requiring a minimum of a bachelor's degree and new prerequisites for the 2017 application cycle. Please click here for more details on the new requirements.

These changes WILL NOT affect applicants applying to the current cycle beginning on July 1st, 2016.

Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies degree candidates are chosen based on numerous criteria. Top consideration criteria include:

Prior academic work based on Prerequisite GPA, Cumulative GPA, and Science-Math GPA

A minimum 3.0 GPA is required in all 3 areas. The Program has 91 hours of prerequisite coursework required. A Bachelor’s degree is not currently required for admission to the Program.  For a list of required prerequisite courses, please refer to :

GRE scores

Applicants should aim for a 50th percentile score or higher in each section of the GRE to ensure that they are competitive. Candidates should take the GRE before August of the year in which they are applying. In addition to taking the GRE at least two months prior to the application deadline, applicants should also request that their scores be sent at least 2 weeks prior to the application deadline to ensure that scores will be received prior to the application deadline.  The MUSC GRE code is 5407. For additional information regarding the GRE, please visit the ETS-GRE website

Reference letters (at least 3)

At least one should be from a health care provider, preferably a PA or physician.  None should be from family members or family friends.

Hands-on patient care experience

 A minimum number of patient care hours is not required for admittance into our Program.

 Successful applicants average 500 hours of patient care experience upon entering the Program.

 We accept hands-on patient care experience hours received by shadowing, volunteering, or work experience.

Other factors that our admissions committee values include:

Traits desirable in a future physician assistant, previous accomplishments, diverse life experiences, and significant knowledge of how to deliver health care

Experiences which demonstrate these traits may include: volunteer work, international mission work, military service, proficiency in foreign languages, unique life experiences, health training or certification, unique leadership positions, and biomedical research experience. To view qualifications of incoming students, click here

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