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MUSC Physician Assistant Academic Fellowship

This is a one year (12-month) academic fellowship to help the clinician acquire the skills necessary to provide the most appropriate educational experience for developing physician assistants. The PA academic fellow will commit 80% of his/her time towards academic efforts and 20% is allocated for continued clinical practice.


  • Read assignments related to Problem Based Learning and observe various Clinical Problem Solving Groups. Maintain a log of those experiences and review with lead course coordinator. Review learning objectives for semester cases for clarity and comprehensiveness.
  • Meet with faculty from the MUSC Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) for instruction on development of learning objectives, testing methodology, presentation skills.
  • Meet with PA program clinical year faculty and AHEC personnel to identify one rural, medically underserved county to be targeted for clinical site development.
  • Communicate with Office of Student Diversity to assess student support services and resources that are available.
  • Network with the Simulation Educational Center to assess support services, training and available resources for PA education.
  • Attend the AAPA/PAEA Conference


  • Attend the Building Academic Teaching Skills course taught by Dr. Mitcham.
  • Participate in the development and refinement of the physical diagnosis course. Working with the faculty to review the goals, learning objectives and teaching methods.
  • Review the CPS cases for anticipated learning outcomes. Monitor the learning objectives from 50% of the CPS groups for uniformity in learning. Participate as a group facilitator as needed.
  • Attend PAEA Conference: register for the Faculty Development Institute Workshop
  • Attend all Apple Tree Society meetings
  • Review WebCT technology and review faculty utilization of this technology.
  • Attend meetings of the Curriculum Committee
  • Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine
    • Develop one or two lectures per semester in conjunction with the course coordinator. Post lecture notes and presentation information to WebCT. Present the material in class and have the lecture recorded by Tegrity. Review the recorded lectures and written student feedback with faculty mentor
    • Implement one exam using WebCT quizzes, conduct item analysis and student performance evaluation
  • Clinical Application:
    • Facilitate implementation of the “Towards No Tobacco” curriculum at one middle school class.
    • Participate in collection of outcomes assessment information.
    • Develop two lectures for this course and implement lecture and laboratory instruction. Develop assessment tool for learning outcomes for lecture and lab.


  • Serve as a member of the Admissions Committee
  • Participate in the interview process with applicants
  • Develop communication channels with guidance counselors, faculty and student organizations associated with two of the six Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in South Carolina.
    • Travel to these campuses at least twice during the semester for person to person contact.
    • Mentor applicants from educationally or socioeconomic disadvantaged backgrounds

Clinical Year

  • Read the “One Minute Preceptor”
  • Attend preceptor recruitment and training with AHEC personnel
  • Develop a recruitment strategy for additional preceptors within the previously targeted SC County.
  • Implement the recruitment strategy in the targeted SC County
  • Coordinate student assignments to new clinical sites with the clinical year coordinator and staff
  • Visit three preceptor sites to educate preceptors student evaluation and to assess student performance
  • Participate in summative evaluation of second year students

Clinical Practice

  • Obtain SC license to practice.
  • Provide healthcare services the equivalent of one day per week

To apply for the Physician Assistant Academic Fellowship, click the link below and search for the Requisition ID 047315

MUSC Human Resources
Requisition ID:  047315


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