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Beth R. - Occupational Therapy Student Ambassador

Hi!! My name is Beth!! I am currently an Occupational Therapy student here at the Medical University of South Carolina! I am from Morehead, KY and attended Eastern Kentucky University where I graduated May 2011 from with a Bachelor’s in Occupational Science and a minor in American Sign Language.  Fun facts about me are that I am very weird, ask all my fellow OT classmates! I am the oldest of three daughters. I love my husband (we just got married before I moved here to start OT school!) I adore my dog, Miley who is severely socially awkward. I have fallen in love with South Carolina and Charleston, and you can find me at the beach pretty much every weekend (studying of course!) Also, my favorite food is a cupcake!

I feel like all applicants should know that when you are a student of CHP or MUSC in general, you matter. You aren’t just a face or a number, you are a student and all the faculty and staff are really here for you!! Some of the programs are a little bigger where as some are very small, but you become like a tight knit group and family no matter the size. You develop excellent teacher student relationships and that is what really helps you grow in the knowledge of your discipline.

I am an out-of-state student, which I was hesitant about when I first started, but there was no need to be! There are students from all over, so I never felt alone in coming from far away because a lot of other girls in my class were in the same boat! Charleston is a big city, especially coming from a small town in Kentucky. But you just have to take a chance and really accept Charleston because you will find it truly is one of the greatest places to live! My suggestion to students out of state are take school seriously, but don’t let your time here pass you by! When you have a chance you need to go out and explore all the history and the beauty this place has to offer!

The reason I chose MUSC was for a number of reasons, but the main one was when I came down for a tour and was walking through the hallways on a tour of the OT department, the teacher I was with, knew every student he passed by name. That right there told me that the faculty and staff at MUSC take a personal interest in your success and your future. I chose the Occupational Therapy program here also because of the hands on clinical experience you were able to have right from the very beginning! They provide you with so many opportunities with a variety of patient populations. It truly is an amazing school and I love every minute of being here!!

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