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Sarah - Physical Therapy Student Ambassador

Hey! My name is Sarah!  I am from Lexington, SC.  I attended the University of South Carolina, where I was a Biological Sciences major with Chemistry minor.  While I was a student at Carolina I had the most wonderful opportunity to be a cheerleader for my beloved Gamecocks.  That experience will always be one of my fondest memories!

Since I have moved to Charleston, I have fallen in love with this city! There is so much to do here; everyone can find an activity that suits him or her.  Personally, I love the history of downtown and all of the old buildings of the “Holy City.”  I also love the fact that the beach is only twenty minutes away. 

Since I was young, I always knew MUSC was the school where I wanted to end up.  Having relatives attend school here and talk about how awesome it was left me with high expectations.  As I have spent more time here, I have realized that MUSC truly lives up to these expectations and even surpasses them.  The best thing about the university is the emphasis put on interprofessionalism.  It is a great opportunity to build relationships with students and professionals in programs other than your own. 

Being a physical therapy student is wonderful.  I have known for a long that I wanted to work in the health field.  I chose PT because it is a great profession for building connections with your patients while helping gain a better life.  As of now, I do not know in what area of physical therapy I want to practice, but I am excited to get some experience through the four clinical rotations the PT program offers. 

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