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Amber - Physician Assistant Student Ambassador

Hi, my name is Amber Keck. I am from Mt. Airy, NC and attended Appalachian State University where I studied Exercise Science. A fun fact about myself is that the town where I was born and raised in, was the model for the fictional town of “Mayberry” on the Andy Griffith show.

The College of Health Professions has been nothing less than welcoming.  From the moment I walked in for my interview, I felt at home and as though I was a part of the MUSC family.  Not only is the College of Health Professions welcoming, but they do whatever they can in their power to make your experience at pain-free and enriching as they can. As an out of state student, I quickly fell in love with the area.  Although much different from the mountains and foothills of North Carolina, Charleston has something to please everyone.  You can spend your day by the beach, on some type of water body, shopping, or site seeing all within a few miles of one another.  Also worth mentioning, the food is amazing! 

I contemplated for a long time over what I wanted to do as a career.  As a high school student, I spoke with my counselor regarding different medical careers and she mentioned the physician assistant field.  After completing some research, I realized that I myself saw a PA for care and then completed an internship with him.  I was convinced within the first hour of my experience that the PA career was what I desired to achieve.  Choosing MUSC then came easily as my interview experience became a rewarding and learning experience.  I knew from the first portion of the interview that this program and university would quickly become my home and support system throughout my path to becoming a PA.  All of the staff and other personnel of the interview brought positive energy and support to the interviewees, whom were not their students yet.  I am unsure as to what area I want to practice in the medical field, but I hope to bring increased knowledge and support to the PA career.  My intent is to be a voice as to what our profession does and how we can improve the medical field and the experiences related to it.   

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