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Brenna - Physical Therapy Student Ambassador

Hi, My name is Brenna Cameron and I am from Tallahassee, FL. I studied Exercise Science at Florida State University.

A few fun facts about me are that I have always lived across the street from football coach Bobby Bowden, I may be from Florida but I am a huge Detroit Red Wings and Kentucky Wildcats fan, and I’m a first year Physical Therapy student who’s loving MUSC and getting to know Charleston!

All applicants should know that they will be in good hands in the College of Health Professions at MUSC. The professors are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their careers, and they genuinely care about the student’s success. They are always available for extra one-on-one attention outside of class if needed and they really take the time to get to know each student individually. I have never enjoyed classes more than I do in the physical therapy curriculum! Something unique is that there is a major emphasis on interprofessionalism in CHP. We are given the opportunity to work closely with other health professions like Occupational Therapy and Physician Assistants to develop collaboration skills to best benefit the patients we will be treating.

Being from out-of-state, Charleston, SC has always been my dream city to live in, and after being here for this short amount of time I have fallen even more in love with it! When I told people that I would be moving to Charleston for Physical Therapy school, they always mentioned something about the excellent dining and shopping, and they weren’t kidding! I could be here for the three years of my program and not get a chance to try out all the restaurant experiences or stores that the Holy City has to offer. My personal favorite part about Charleston is its charm- the southern hospitality is everywhere and the history, traditions and culture are fascinating. There’s always something new to explore or learn about and never a dull moment. 

Since I was young I have always known that a career in the health field, and specifically physical therapy, would be the best outlook for me. From soccer injuries to participating in research studies, physical therapy has constantly been a part of my life in some way; and shadowing opportunities further established my desire to become a physical therapist to get people back to their optimal functioning. It wasn’t until I visited Charleston on a vacation that I decided I wanted to live here and became interested in the physical therapy program at MUSC. I made a return trip to the school to attend an information session hosted by CHP where I learned about the curriculum and admissions process. But one thing that truly stood out to me during the session was that Dr. Morrisette said they were “looking for good people who want to be here” to make up the program- and I was sold! I knew I wanted to be in a comfortable environment where I would be surrounded by good people, (both faculty and students) who would challenge me and enhance my graduate school experience. I still have not decided which specific path in physical therapy I want to pursue, but I am confident that in my years here at MUSC I will be exposed and trained in the wide array of directions physical therapists can chose to be able to make a decision!

I am happy to answer any questions you have! Email me!


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