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Bryce - Masters in Health Administration Student Ambassador

Hello, my name is Bryce and I am from Beaufort, SC. I attended Clemson University where I majored in Construction Science &  Management. I’m a very outgoing person who loves competitive sports and exercising. I try to play tennis at least a few times a week here in Charleston. Also, I’m a middle child being one of five siblings. I have a passion for helping people and health care; I’ve always enjoyed being associated with the medical community.  

Charleston is a great place to live and MUSC is a fantastic school. The College of Health Professions has the best faculty who wants you to succeed and are always available to help. They give students the utmost respect and encouragement for future and current endeavors. South Carolina is a great state, full of rich culture, and great lifestyle. The surrounding community in Charleston is full of life, happiness, and excitement. People are extremely active here more than any other town or city in South Carolina. You will always see someone running or cycling in the downtown area at any point during the day. The citizens of South Carolina are very respectful and treat others with a kindness that is unforgettable.

I chose MUSC and the Master in Health Administration program because I heard several of my friends and current physicians talk highly about the program. I always want to attend universities that people speak highly of and say that they were happy there. Master in Health Administration is very unique with the team learning approach through several group projects each semester, our faculty who mentor and respect students, and the curriculum in general. With my master’s degree, I plan to become a successful hospital administrator who makes a difference in patients’ lives.

Don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions.


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