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Jeremy - Physical Therapy Student Ambassador

Hello! My name is Jeremy Kirschner, and I am a first year physical therapy student. I am from Augusta, GA, and graduated from the great University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!) with degrees in athletic training and exercise & sport science.

I love fishing, playing bass guitar & harmonica, and lifting heavy objects and putting them back down. I have run a half-marathon, and am currently training for a Tough Mudder. I love sports medicine, as I interned with the Indianapolis Colts (Go Colts!) last summer, and have spent the past two seasons on the sideline of Sanford Stadium for University of Georgia football games as a student athletic trainer. I am now a fully certified athletic trainer as of May 11th, 2012, and I hope to further my clinical experience in a high school setting during my time here at MUSC.

Everyone should know that as a student of CHP, you bond with your fellow classmates and professors to the point where they become an extended family. The support system available in CHP is out of this world, and I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of this program and to call myself a part of such a wonderful group of people (DPT Class of 2015!). The building itself is quite impressive as well, as it blows my mind everyday how a previously vacant high school could be turned into a state-of-the art teaching facility. I love being able to call CHP my second home here in Charleston.

As an out-of-state student, I know that moving to a new state and area of the country can be intimidating. Don’t worry though! Along with all of the relationships that you forge in class, the city of Charleston is such an intriguing, fun-filled, delicious place to live you’ll almost forget about where you came from! No matter where you go, you can’t help but recognize the historical significance of the city. The key role that Charleston has played throughout the various periods of our country’s history is astounding, and ever present if you are willing to look around and ask. In addition to all of the history to be learned, there is ALWAYS something going on or something to do here. I personally enjoy finding new beach spots to fish from during the weekends, and Riverdogs games are a blast to attend. But my favorite thing about Charleston is the outstanding cuisine. Charleston is easily the tastiest place I have ever been. Everywhere you turn, there is another nationally recognized or critically acclaimed restaurant or eatery.  I prefer tiny, hole-in-the-wall local spots; and I would be more than willing to spout off a few of my favorite places to whoever wants to know.

I chose to enroll in the MUSC Physical Therapy program because of a combination of program design, curriculum, faculty support, and location. When looking at schools, I tried to decide where to attend based on what I wanted to gain from going to school. I knew that I wanted a program that emphasized hands-on experience. I also knew that I wanted to attend a program that would give me an exceptional background in the areas that I think will help me decide which direction to steer my career. Thirdly, I wanted a school that would allow me to not only learn from faculty; but a school that would foster mentor-mentee relationships with those faculty members. Finally, I also wanted a school that would allow me to remain in the South and within a reasonable distance of my family (I don’t like cold, love good food, and admire accents). So when it boiled down to decision time, I knew in my heart that MUSC was the place to go.

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