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Sherlonda - Physician Assistant Student Ambassador

Hello! My name is Sherlonda and I am a first year Physician Assistant student. I am originially from Spartanburg, SC and attended College of Charleston for my bachelors in Communication and my masters in Public Administration and a “MRS.” Degree (met my husband at CofC)!

I like to dance! Zumba and Bellydancing are my favorites! I am a mommy of 3 so I get to apply a lot of what I learn to my own household!

Be ready to meet super smart students from a variety of backgrounds. Everyday I learn something about one of my classmates. It’s also awesome that our curriculum has an interprofessional component which allows us to get to know students in other programs and get an understanding of their professions.

The South is known for its rich cuisine and Charleston is no exception! Be ready to excite your palate with local favorites such as shrimp-n-grits and pecan pralines!  Charleston summers are HOT and humid which is why the beaches were strategically placed so close.

Most of my family and friends live in Charleston so when I decided to become a Physician Assistant, I wanted the best of both worlds - a top notch education without having to leave home.  Becoming a PA will allow me to continue to do what I’ve done all of my life – help people. This time, I’ll be utilizing my skills as a clinician to do so.  Even as a student, MUSC offers many opportunities to give back (I serve as a class officer, participate in charity events, and as a student ambassador). I’m looking forward to having a great career while still having the time to balance my family life. 

Email me if you have any questions!


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