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Amber - Anesthesia for Nurses Student Ambassador

Hi! My name is Amber and I am originally from Bourbonnais, IL. I attended the University of West Georgia where I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I am 6 feet tall & played volleyball in college. I am currently training for a Figure/Fitness Competition and I have played volleyball, basketball, softball, track, and racquetball throughout my life.

I chose MUSC's Anesthesia for Nurses program because I had always heard great things about MUSC and about Charleston. I did a lot of research and found out how well established everything here is. I figured that a school with such a reputation had to be a good choice! I chose the AFN program here because I had a friend the year ahead of me and she spoke very highly of the program and the professors. I also liked that this program was front loaded, versus my other option as an integrated program. I wanted to be able to focus on really learning the material before I headed into the O.R. The staff in CHP is incredibly helpful. Everyone here WANTS everyone to succeed. There isn’t a “weeding out” process here. Also, a great part of the AFN program is that we have a cadaver lab for gross anatomy. This is a huge benefit that is not found at most other programs!!

Charleston is an awesome city with its own, unique character. I had always heard great things about Charleston, but I didn’t understand until I moved here. It’s a great mix of people from all over the place with a love for life. There is a lot of old, historical charm to this place! Regardless of your interests, you will find something here that you love. I plan to move to either Chicago, Nashville, or back to Atlanta after graduation. I want to work trauma or cardiac for a few years and then possibly get into some outpatient surgery work (if I have kids). A couple classmates and I plan to set up a private practice after we’ve each gotten some good experience.

Come prepared to work! This will be the most challenging, yet rewarding couple years of your life! It isn’t easy, but I hear it’s worth it!

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