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Chelsea - Physician Assistant Student Ambassador

Hi! My name is Chelsea Leroux and I'm from Barnstable, MA. I attended the University of South Carolina and finished with a degree in Exercise Science.

Some fun facts about me include that I like the orange and yellow Starbursts more than the red and pink ones. Also, I used to live in an area where I had to bucket bathe for nine months followed by an upgraded shower for the next six months. The upgraded shower only expelled water for three minutes at a time.

The College of Health Professions at MUSC offers a great inter-professional experience where there are plenty of opportunities to collaborate with students in other programs. There are also numerous groups and activities ath the MUSC level that a student can get involved with in order to enhance their overall MUSC experience outside of the classroom.

Charleston is the perfect town for a graduate student. With downtown King St. being only a few blocks away, it can be a great place to go for a break or for a fun place to study. The beach is also about 15 minutes away, and who doesn't like the beach? There is always something to do or somewhere to go in Charleston which helps keep most us sane during what can be the most stressful time of our lives.

I chose MUSC’s PA program because of the faculty, the curriculum, and the location. I interviewed at six PA schools and none of them gave me the feeling that MUSC did. The faculty went out of their way to show they cared about the incoming prospective students and really made us feel at home. During my interview I also met the director (Dr. B) who is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (as am I) so I was pretty excited about that.Once I graduate in 2015 I will be working as a primary care PA in a health professional shortage area with the National Health Service Corps. I am very open to working wherever right now but I’ve been thinking anywhere from Alaska, to an Indian reservation, to a rural town in South Carolina would be a valuable experience. That’s the beauty of the PA profession – you can work almost anywhere.

Visiting MUSC is the best way to determine if it’s the right fit for you. Go on a tour, attend an info session, or sit in on one of our classes to see what it’s really like being a student at MUSC.

Email me with any questions!


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