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Raegan - Occupational Therapy Student Ambassador

What's Up! I'm Raegan Furman and I'm from Oak Ridge, TN. I graduated from Furman University where I was a Health Sciences major.

For starters, I am from a family of basketball players. We eat, breathe and live it so no surprise I played basketball at Furman University and now cheer hard for University of Kentucky (being from Tennessee I get a lot of grief for this). I love kayaking and fishing especially when you mix the two. Those that know me well claim that my fishing skills are a joke but I just love being out on the water. I am really involved in YoungLife, a high school ministry that allows me to be a little silly and have a lot of fun. Other than that I love running, cooking, and spending time with my family and friends- there’s nothing better than when the ‘rents come to visit!

MUSC is a really awesome atmosphere with a ton of different professions and people. I don’t think I realized this until I got here but it is really a neat opportunity to learn about and work along side other professions. As for college of Health Professions, I really love that the professors and staff are there for you. They want to see you succeed and are involved in your lives- not just a robot lecturing away with no personal interact.

Being from Tennessee, I was not really sure what to expect it to be like to go to school in Charleston. I knew I had seen the inside of College of Charleston gym 4 times for basketball games but nothing outside of that. Charleston is beautiful and has so much to offer from kayaking and paddle boarding to shopping downtown to biking the coast. It can get tricky to balance all the fun things you want to do with all the academic things you need to do. And if you haven’t already heard, the food is amazing!

I chose MUSC because I really loved the professors and the students I met at an information tour. I felt like the environment was a great place to learn and be challenged but also to have personal connections. The most unique aspect is how close all of us in the program are. The day I got to campus I had an upper classman “buddy” telling me the ins and outs of school and occasional treats on test days.

Don’t let the idea of grad school stress you out or make it seem too hard- we still have fun and get plenty of opportunities to hang out and be social!

You can email me if you have any questions!


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