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Sam - Master in Health Administration Student Ambassador

Hello, I am Sam, a first-year MHA student. I am orginially from Augusta, GA and attended Mercer University where I majored in Political Science. I chose MUSC because I wanted to be put into a position when I am done with my degree to be a strong candidate for potential employers. In the short amount of time that I have been here my experience has more than surpassed this. I have been exposed to high-level executives in health care along with being pushed where I am challenged on a daily basis. My plans for the future are to get either a fellowship or a job where I can progress upwards in their organization. Where my program stands above others is the amount of exposure I have. I have been able to do internships that others in my status would not be able to do. This allows me to stand out when it comes to competing with other applicants in the field.

MUSC and the College of Health Professions do an amazing job of preparing you for the real world that you are learning about. Whether it is by working with other students in different programs and what they do, or making sure that all of the resources in and out of the classroom are working properly the college and MUSC do an amazing job for both. The faculty and staff are fully vested in your success. They all understand that when you as a student are given the tools to succeed then you will succeed. You are truly given the tools to succeed at MUSC.

Charleston is absolutely amazing. I am from Georgia, and believe me I love the state I grew up in, but Charleston has such a charm about it’s unmistakable. The city has everything that you would want and more. From the history that goes along with downtown, the beach just down the road, or all of the amazing restaurants at reasonable prices the city has just so much to offer. The city is a reason that if you are out-of-state to look into MUSC.

I do not regret my decision of choosing MUSC. It has been such a blessing and wonderful for me. Email me with any questions!


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