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Physical Therapists thinks highly of CenterResearch participants benefit from CenterPT student enjoys the Center


"To me, the success of the MUSC Center for Rehabilitation Research in Neurological Conditions is extremely important. This research will hopefully lead to new rehabilitation methods that will help spinal cord injured individuals walk and walk more independently. By improving rehabilitation techniques, the Center will benefit students, therapists and patients.

Quote from grateful research participant, Charlie Cole (Middle picture, in harness)


"The Center provide an excellent opportunity for students to gain exposure to both state of the art equipment and real patients with differing rehabilitation needs. By participating at the Center, I've become more excited about the different paths open to me in the future.

Quote from Doctorate in Physical Therapy student, Jessica House (Pictured above right)


"The most productive research programs emerge from talent and resources that move science forward while keeping the focus on those needing physical rehabilitation. Success of the Center would provide such an environment, making it uniquely positioned to support development of both measurement techniques and patient-centered therapies that are based on an understanding of human movement."

Quote from Assistant Professor, Dr. Mark Bowden (Pictured above left)


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