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Communication and Swallowing: Treatment Efficacy

Standardizing Laryngeal Endoscopy
Learn More Sponsor: South Carolina Clinical & Translational Research Institute  |  PI: Heather Bonilha
The goal of this project is to acquire skills and preliminary data to address the poor reliability and lack of standardization in laryngeal endoscopy interpretation and reporting.

A. Subproject: Use of Stroboscopy as a Treatment Outcome Measure

Throat Clearing, Coughing, and Alternative Behaviors
Sponsor: NIH/ National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders  |  PI: Heather Bonilha
The goal of this project is to evaluate the biomechanical characteristics of coughing, throat clearing, and clinically advocated alternatives via high-speed endoscopy recordings and to assess the efficiency to which these behaviors dispel both laryngeal mucus and the associated laryngeal sensation.

A. Subproject: Substitution of Alternative Behaviors in the Treatment of Chronic Cough
B. Subproject: Role of Hydration in the Prevention and Treatment of Voice Disorders

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