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Communication and Swallowing

Research shows that 42% of the population will experience a voice disorder in their lifetime. Meanwhile, 22% of people over 50 experience a swallowing disorder, and that number climbs to 65% in people affected by stroke.

These are the dramatic numbers that fuel much of Dr. Bonilha’s work. Her research is focused on four tracks: accurately diagnosing voice and swallowing disorders; evaluating treatment efficacy of said disorders; understanding coughing and throat clearing biomechanics, and studying the relative value of laryngeal endoscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders.

As with so much of CHP’s research, Dr. Bonilha’s work seeks to codify professional observation, arriving at a unifying understanding for diagnosis and treatment to deliver proven therapies to patients. Among the beneficiaries of this work will be survivors of stroke, various cancers, traumatic brain injury and other conditions.


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