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Current Research Projects

(Listed by Initiative)

Diagnostic Accuracy in Voice and Swallowing

  • Rater Reliability from Laryngeal Endoscopy
  • MRI and MBSImP to Improve Diagnostic Accuracy and Recovery Prediction of Swallowing Impairment Post-Stroke
  • Measurement Techniques for Laryngeal Sensation and Mucus Aggregation
  • Impact of Technical Factors of Modified Barium Swallow Study (MBSS) on Radiation Exposure and Diagnostic Accuracy
  • Vocal Fold Vibratory Features as Seen from High-Speed Videoendoscopy and Stroboscopy

Treatment Efficacy for Voice Disorders

  • Substitution of Alternative Behaviors in the Treatment of Chronic Cough
  • Use of Stroboscopy as a Treatment Outcome Measure
  • Methods to Improve Self-Efficacy of Persons with Voice Disorders
  • Symptom Reduction in Persons with Vocal Tremor with and without Spasmodic Dysphonia
  • Role of Hydration in the Prevention and Treatment of Voice Disorders

Cough and Throat Clearing Biomechanics

  • Overview
  • RO3 Aim 1: Using High-Speed Videoendoscopy to Study the Biomechanics of Coughing and Throat Clearing as Compare to Phonation and Substitution Behaviors Used in Treatment in Persons with and without Voice Disorders

Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER)

  • Overview
  • Factors that Influence the Use of Diagnostic Procedures in Voice and Swallowing Disorder
  • One Year Cost of Dysphagia Post-Stroke
  • Re-Evaluating the Incidence of Aspiration Pneumonia Post-Stroke

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