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  • Communication and Swallowing Lab
    In the Voice and Swallowing Lab, MUSC researchers will use laryngeal endoscopy with stroboscopy, high-speed videoendoscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, videofluoroscopy, acoustic analysis, aerodynamic analysis, and air pulse laryngeal sensory testing to improve the diagnostic accuracy and treatment effectiveness of voice and swallowing disorders. A collaborative partnership with the MUSC Evelyn Trammell Institute for Voice and Swallowing will allow access to patients and fully-equipped diagnostic suites and treatment rooms. Learn more
  • Locomotor Energetics and Assessment Lab
    In the Locomotor Energetics and Assessment Lab, neurologically-injured individuals will walk in a safe environment while MUSC investigators take complex and accurate measurements using cutting-edge instrumentation. By providing insight into the energetics and control mechanisms of persons with stroke and spinal cord injury, this lab and its scientists will serve to validate practical, cost-effective treatments for clinical use. Learn More
  • Locomotor Rehabilitation Lab
    Designed to offer a full range of interventions for people with impaired walking secondary to neurologic injury, the Locomotor Rehabilitation Lab will help MUSC scientists understand and improve clinical decision making. At its center a ZeroG mobile body weight support system (only the 6th one installed nationally!) will create a permissive environment for retraining walking ability over a treadmill and also over level ground and environmental obstacles. Learn More
  • Upper Extremity Motor Function Lab
    Equipped with state of the art equipment like wireless data gloves, upper extremity activity accelerometers and electromyography, MUSC researchers in the Upper Extremity Motor Function Lab will capture and analyze arm motion and muscle function. Using this data, they will develop and implement innovative rehabilitation interventions to improve upper extremity functional recovery in individuals who have suffered a neurologic injury or disease. Learn More



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