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Thursday, May 21, 2015
SC life science companies selected for SCBIO QuickStart can receive up to $10,000 in professional services and key mentoring from pros


The mission of SCBIO’s QuickStart is to offer early- stage South Carolina-based life science companies access to experienced professional services and expertise to speed the initial steps toward sound corporate formation, ready to attract investment.

SCBIO QuickStart is partly funded by the SC Department of Commerce Office of Innovation as one of 19 second round grants to support the entrepreneurial community.

SCBIO QuickStart recognizes life science companies have unique challenges in achieving FDA regulatory approval,  and raising the money needed to execute a business plan for a medical device or disease therapy.

To succeed over the long startup period requires exceptional persistence, business acumen, and a fair amount of well-timed connections. Starting out with the right steps, right team,  close advisers and keen understanding of the path ahead are keys to success.

Selection of Participants

Selection of participants is based upon a written application submitted to the advisory committee for approval along with an interview. Three to five applicants a year will be selected in the spring and fall. The central qualifications for selection include the:

1) assessment of the skillsets of the founder/CEO and his/her coachability and commitment;

2) commercial impact of the technology; and

3) perceived likelihood of the company aggregating the resources necessary to meet its goals.

SCBIO QuickStart is focused on helping prime companies move quickly toward sound corporate formation to attract investment. We want teams that can be successful creating great companies and great jobs in South Carolina.

Services Performed for Selected Participants

SCBIO QuickStart will provide access to a pre-agreed selection of legal, accounting, regulatory, marketing and business professional services as identified by applicants as needed to move them toward being able to secure financial partners.  Selections within nine specific areas are offered with up to $10,000 in services provided by QuickStart.
  • Legal Services - company formation and shareholder documents
  • Legal Services Intellectual Property
  • Corporate/Financial Services
  • Accounting Services/Systems/reports/insurance
  • Marketing/Corporate Identity
  • Regulatory Consulting
  • Market/customer development and data
  • Product development/prototype
  • SBIR Consulting/grant application
Executive mentoring/team coaching services

SCBIO QuickStart will provide access to experienced professionals to guide the company principals in the appropriate administrative steps to move as effectively and efficiently as possible toward commercial viability.

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