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Human and Animal Subjects Research Training

Human Research Mandatory Education


All 1) principal investigators, 2) co-investigators, 3) mentors, 4) personnel named (or added) on an IRB exempt, expedited or full board application as involved in the research, i.e. proposing, conducting, reporting and reviewing,  5) research nurses, 6) research study coordinators, 7) deans, 8) department chairs, 9) division directors who sign off the “Blue Sheet” for grant submissions, 10)  IRB Board members, and 11) MUSC and VA compliance officers and liaisons.


MUSC mandatory requirement to ensure adequate knowledge to protect human subjects from harm.


Before conducting human subject research.  Reminder: Human research includes collecting information about individuals from any source  such as documents and databases.

IRB approval will not be released until documented completion of the mandatory education requirement is received.  The Office of Compliance random audits include monitoring of compliance to mandatory educational requirements.


Go to the MUSC Research Support Services website under “Regulatory and Compliance” and click on “CITI” course; follow the instructions.

You should select which of the two available courses, i.e. 1) biomedical research (Modules 1-17) or 2) social, behavioral, and educational research (Modules 1-14), is most congruent with the nature of their research. Both courses are not required; appropriate content is repetitive in both courses.

If you have completed a course before, on the Select Curriculum page, select the type of research you perform for both Questions 1 and 2.

The CITI course will require 5-6 hours to complete; you can exit and enter at will.

Research coordinators, study coordinators, research nurses and regulatory affairs coordinators must also complete the Research Coordinator Development Program.  Go to the IRB website for information.

CME/CMU Credits

CME/CEU credits are available through the University of Miami for completion of the Human Subjects Protection Basic Course and for the Human Subjects Protection Refresher Course. If you meet your institution's course requirements but have not completed the required minimum number of modules, you must pass additional optional modules to be eligible for credits. The software may show your CME/CEU eligibility status below.


Waiver from requirement to complete this course?

Submit a written request to the appropriate IRB chair; include a description of the education already completed that you think is current and comparable. Attach documentation of successful completion.

Whether to complete the biomedical or social, behavioral, and educational course? 

Call the appropriate IRB chair or the University Compliance office at 792-8740.


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