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Office of Continuing Medical Education
CME Advisory Committee
Office of CME
    Robert J. Malcolm, MD
    Associate Dean, Continuing Medical Education
    Professor, Psychiatry, Family Medicine and Pediatrics
    Jennifer Bailey
    Associate Program Director for Education and Evaluation, AHEC
    Senior Associate Dean for GME and CME
    Professor, Department of Medicine
    Vanessa Diaz, MD
    Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine
    Christopher Discolo, MD
    Assistant Professor, Pediatric Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
    Annette Drachman, JD
    Assistant Professor, Office of General Counsel
    Angela Egner
    Chief Learning Officer, MUSC Health
    Daniel T. Lackland, DrPH
    Professor, Department of Neurosciences
    Adviser, Population Health
    Mary Mauldin, EdD
    Professor and Executive Director, ITFR
    Associate Director for Education, Office of Interprofessional Initiatives
    Kimberly McGhee
    Managing Editor, Progress Notes
    Business Development & Marketing Services
    Heidi Murphy, MD
    Neonatology Fellow, Department of Pediatrics
    Professor Emeritus, Department of Surgery
    Robert Sade, MD
    Professor, Department of Surgery
    Director of the Institute of Human Values in Health Care
    Director of the Clinical Research Ethics Program, SCTR
    Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine
    Odessa Ussery, MEd, CHCP
    Assistant Dean and Director, CME

    Jennifer Gavin
    CME Evaluation and Assessment Manager
    Elizabeth Gossen
    CME Activities Manager
    Shirley Maxwell
    Assistant Financial Manager
    Valerie Morton
    CME Business Manager

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