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Introduction to Turning Point's Audience Response System

The MUSC Office of Continuing Medical Education is excited to incorporate an Audience Response System (ARS) through Turning Technologies in our CME activities. The ARS works in conjunction with learner-controlled remote keypads (clickers) to create a wireless audience response and voting system that enables us to develop and administer real-time assessments of participants from within Microsoft® PowerPoint®. Transform your next presentation into a wireless audience response tool that can seamlessly identify and confirm participant understanding, increase participant attentiveness, and gather, rank and report critical information simultaneously in real-time.

To learn more about using ARS, please access the below introductory web-based training course:

Introduction to Turning Point Audience Response Software-Developing Simple Slides

MUSC Session Leaders:
Geoff Freeman, Director, Educational Technology Services
Patrick Davis, Director of the Nursing Technology Center
Length of time: 1 hour
Downloadable handouts are provided from the course site.

Above presentation is provided by the MUSC University Education Infrastructure Council.


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