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Cores - Core C: Clinical

PI: Dr. Carlos F. Salinas carlos salinas
Professor and Director, Division of Craniofacial Genetics, College of Dental Medicine

The goal of the Clinical Resources Core is to coordinate all COBRE clinical activities. The Clinical Resource Core will provide the necessary clinical and laboratory expertise to facilitate the implementation of COBRE projects. In addition, the Core will coordinate access to African American families living on barrier islands along the South Carolina Coast ("Sea Islands") and adjacent coastal communities via MUSC's pre-existing Sea Island Families Projects. The specific aims of the Cllinical Resources Core are to:

  • Provide an outpatient dental clinical research capacity to support all COBRE projects
  • Collect demographic and other survey data as required by COBRE clinical protocols
  • Provide calibrated dental examiners for all COBRE clinical investigations
  • Collect, process, and distribute biological samples for laboratory analysis
  • Collect, process, and bank biological samples for future studies
  • Perform specialized biological assays on biological samples, as required by COBRE clinical protocols

To perform an oral health assessment of African Americans and Gullah speaking population on the Sea Islands of South Carolina, additional specific aims of the Clinical Resources Core are:

  • To characterize this unique ethnic population from the oro-dental findings view point
  • To determine the caries prevalence using caries index (DMFT and dmft)
  • To determine the presence of periodontal disease
  • To determine the presence of soft tissue lesions and cancer
  • To determine the dental treatment needs of this population
  • To provide oral dental education to the population under study

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