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The South Carolina Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) for Oral Health at the Medical University of South Carolina will train a cadre of targeted researchers who will become established investigators and academic leaders in the continued development of the College of Dental Medicine's oral and craniofacial health research program. The program is highly leveraged with existing strengths at MUSC's academic health science center including:

  1. a pool of outstanding faculty mentors who are collaborative and well-funded by NIH institutes and peer-review sponsors;
  2. a pool of outstanding targeted investigators with strong, pre-existing relationships with members of the faculty mentor group;
  3. critical relevant research space and core resources;
  4. access to unique populations currently under investigation and served by MUSC's community outreach programs;
  5. and access to clinical materials from these populations.

Thus, the South Carolina COBRE for Oral Health enables the College of Dental Medicine to most efficiently meet the goals of its research strategic plan to develop a nationally competitive and prominent oral health research program at MUSC that directly benefits the oral health care needs of the citizens of South Carolina.

The South Carolina COBRE for Oral Health program will:

  • Mentor an initial cadre of targeted investigators to develop successful, independent, NIH-funded research careers in oral health science.

  • Enhance the oral health research infrastructure.

    COBRE funds will permit significant development of critical resources (cores) in the development of a research infrastructure supportive of multidisciplinary oral health research at MUSC's academic health science center.

  • Recruit additional new faculty members whose experience and disciplinary expertise will complement those of the COBRE investigators in areas deemed critical by the Steering and the External Advisory Committees.

  • Sustain the infrastructure of the South Carolina COBRE for Oral Health beyond the current 5-year award.

Project Number

NIH/NCRR Project Number: P20RR017696


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