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Junior Investigators

Lauren E. Ball, PhD
Role of the Hexosamine Biosynthetic Pathway and Post-translational O-GlcNAc Glycosylation in complications of Diabetes Pertaining to Oral Health

Hai Yao, PhD
Fluid and Solute Transport in Human Temporomandibular Joint Disc

Amy Bradshaw, PhD
The Function of SPARC in the Regulation of Collagen Deposition in the Periodontal Ligament

Renata Leite, DDS, MS
The Relationship Between Periodontal Diseases and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Gullah Population and the Effects of Mechanical Periodontal Therapy and Systemic Antibiotics on the Glycemic Control and on the Active Matrix Metalloproteinase-8 (aMMP-8) Level in the Gingival Crevicular Fluid (GCF) of These Patients

Christopher Parsons, MD
KSHV Regulation of Innate Cytokine Responses and T Cell Activation

Viswanathan Palanisamy, PhD
Molecular Mechanisms of mRNA Stability in Human Saliva


Pilot Projects

Courtney Haycraft, PhD
The Expression and Function of the Primary Cilium in Murine Tooth Morphogenesis

Gunhild Sommer, PhD
The Role of the RNA Binding Protein La in Oral Tumor Biology

Natalie Sutkowski, PhD
An endogenous Superantigen in HPV Associated Oropharyngeal Carcinoma

Jing Zhou, DDS, MS, PhD
Role of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Porphyromonas gingivalis-induced Osteoclast Migration



Junior Investigators

Angela Chi, DMD
CYP1B1 Induction in Tobacco-related Oral Carcinogenesis

Pilot Projects

Michele Ravenel, DMD
Microbial Analysis of Dental Plaque Species in the Sea Island Gullah Population

Carlos Rossa, DDS, PhD
Role of SOCS1 and SOCS3 in Attenuating Signaling Leading to Oral Squamouse Cell Carcinoma Progression


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