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Center for Oral Health Research

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Center for Oral Health Membership Guidelines


I. Memberships. Memberships in the Center for Oral Health Research (COHR) will be made on the basis of the outstanding quality and relevance of the program of the prospective faculty members. There are two specific requirements for COHR faculty membership:

  • Evidence of oral health or oral pathobiology-related research and/or clinical interests;
  • Active participation in a Center research program.

II. Rank. COHR memberships will be described by the following ranks:

  • Senior Scientist – equivalent to Professor;
  • Scientist – equivalent to Associate Professor;
  • Associate Scientist – equivalent to Assistant Professor, Instructor or Associate faculty member; and
  • Associate – non-faculty status.

III. Application Process. The required documentation for the initial application consists of a curriculum vita or NIH-style biosketch including a brief summary of oral health-related research activities, a summary of current funding and current activities with the Center.

The Membership Committee, appointed by the Center Director, will review application materials. Recommendations of the Membership Committee will then be forwarded for review to the Center Director. If approved, the faculty member will receive a letter of membership from the Center Director.

IV. Continuation of Membership. Center for Oral Health membership will be reviewed periodically and continuation of membership will be determined based on:

  • Participation in COHR programmatic activities;
  • Receipt of updated grant support information by Director; and
  • Submission of an annual update on publications to the Director.

V. Privileges of Membership. COHR members have the following privileges:

  • Facility usage fees partially subsidized with Center and Institutional funds; and
  • Participation in all aspects of the COHR Enrichment Programs.

For information on COHR membership contact:

Hong Yu, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Oral Health Sciences
Room 230A, Basic Sciences Building
173 Ashley Avenue
Charleston, SC  29425


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