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 COHR: Center for Oral Health Research | Center for Oral Health Available Resources

Center for Oral Health Research Available Resources

As part of the mission of the COHR, access to shared equipment for oral health investigators is critical for the growth of oral health research at MUSC.  Centrally located on MUSC in 129 Basic Sciences Building (BSB), the following equipment is available to all investigators engaged in oral health-related research. 

Clinical Core (C-COHR) General Equipment and Resources:

  • Tissue Sample Storage
    • Thermo Electron Corp. 8695 23 Cu. Ft Double door Ultra-Low Freezer and Two Model 907 (28 Cu. Ft.) Ultra-Low Freezers
    • Thermo Electron Corp. 3801 27.3 Cu. Ft. Lab Freezer
    • Thermo Electron Corp. 3771 27.3 Cu. Ft. Glass Door Refrigerator
    • Thermolyne Locator 4 Cryo LN2 Biological Storage System
  • Dental Equipment
    • BioResearch Jaw Tracker 3D, BioEMG II and BioJVA Joint Vibration Analysis System
    • Dental chair, cabinets, monitor digital x-ray, Intraoral digital camera and Periotron 8000 supplied for the dental room

Laboratory-based Core (L-COHR) General Equipment and Resources:

  • Quantitative PCR systems (96 well format):
    • BioRad iCycler iQ Real-Time PCR Detection System
    • Applied Biosystems Stepone Plus Real-Time PCR System
  • BMG Labtechnologies FLUOstar OPTIMA Plate Reader
    • Fluorescence emission
    • Absorption
  • Beckman Avanti J-20XP High-Performance Centrifuge
    • High speed centrifuge with multiple rotors
  • Sorvall Legend RT Centrifuge
    • Swinging bucket rotor
    • Microtiter plate rotor
  • Beckman L90 Ultracentrifuge
    • Fixed angle and swinging bucket rotors available
  • NanoDrop 2000 Spectrophometer
  • BioRad ChemiDoc System
    • Ethidium bromide stained gels
    • Brightfield imaging (black and white)
  • Bacterial/Microbial Culture Cquipment
    • New Brunswick floor model shaker
    • Bacterial incubators (with and without CO2)
  • Biosafety Cabinet (certified for BSL2 work)
  • CO2 Incubator
    • For mammalian cell culture
  • Konika Film Processor

Please contact the COHR for information and usage guidelines for these instruments

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