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Conflict of Interest

Open Payments Registration

Registration for physicians and teaching hospitals will be conducted in two phases for this first Open Payments reporting year:

    Phase 1:

    Phase 2:

  • Register in the Open Payments System: Register in the Open Payments system to complete the registration process and have the opportunity to review and dispute data submitted by applicable manufacturers and applicable GPOs prior to public posting of the data.  Use Quick Reference Guide for Physician Registration.

​Helpful tips from CMS:

  • Use Internet Explorer versions 8-10, Chrome or Firefox browsers. Currently the Open Payments system is not optimized for the Safari browser;
  • Consider answering "optional" questions during the registration process (skipping these questions can slow your registration). 

Review and Dispute Process:

Quick Reference Guide for the Review and Dispute Process

CMS webpage with Review and Dispute details

Dispute Initiation and Resolution Timing - Impact on Public Display of Data

Timing of Dispute InitiationDispute Resolution Status
Within 45-Day Initial Period or 15-Day Correction Period
Public Display Status
Within 45-day initial review, dispute, and correction period (open until Sept. 11, 2014)ResolvedPublished as non-disputed in September, 2014
Not resolvedPublished as disputed in September, 2014
After current 45-day initial review, dispute, and correction period, but before 45-day period preceding subsequent data refreshResolvedPublished as non-disputed in both September, 2014 and the subsequent data refresh; but note the values of non-disputed data are theoretically different
Not resolvedPublished as non-disputed in September, 2014, and
disputed in the subsequent data refresh

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