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Affiliations and Outreach Committee Membership

Name, Role, Function                                                                            

Bruce Elliott, MD - Interim Vice President for Medical Affairs  (Strategy)        

Tim Peterson, MD - Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs / Physician Network Director (Strategy)

Peter Zwerner, MD - CMO, MUSCP (Strategy)

Mark Lyles, MD - CSO, MUHA (Strategy)

Scott Reeves, MD - President, MUSCP (Strategy)

Sarah Bacik - Director of Strategic Planning, MUHA (Strategy)

Bob Warren, MD - CMIO, MUHA and COM (Operations)

Stephanie Collins - Senior Director, Affiliations, COM (Operations)

Alice Edwards - Senior Director, Business Initiatives and Operations Support, MUSCP (Operations)

Gina Ramsey - CFO, MUSCP (Operations)

Ally Abernathy - Legal Counsel, MUSCP (Operations)

Jeff D'Agostino - COO, MUSCP, CAO, MUHA (Operations)


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