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Mission, Charge and Goals

To support the mission of MUSC, to provide South Carolinians with an enhanced patient experience, superior outcomes and access to MUSC's specialized physicians and services through knowledge sharing as well as local and regional points of access.


Identify the essential elements of a consistent and transparent process that will oversee the establishment of MUSC affiliations with other institutions and further enhance outreach initiatives.

  • Develop a set of guiding principles & procedures for MUSC affiliations and organizational outreach initiatives aligned with the three MUSC mission areas: clinical care, education & research.
  • Identify individuals within the various entities of MUSC needed to respond to an affiliation or outreach initiative request and those responsible for follow up once an affiliation relationship is established or an outreach initiative is approved.
  • Establish an evaluation process for the consideration or refinement of proposed affiliations or outreach initiatives and ultimate approval of potential affiliations and outreach initiatives.
  • Provide an infrastructure "roadmap" for executing approved affiliations and outreach initiatives, i.e., revising the current Outreach Implementation Checklist.
  • Provide an infrastructure "roadmap" for executing approved organizational strategic plans and initiatives.

Mission Specific Goals:

Critical Care:

  • Improve access to care for patients from outside the tri-county area.
  • Provide supportive infrastructure to affiliates with MUSC (e.g., IT/PACS).
  • Provide training & "best practices" to local providers (e.g. Simulation Center).
  • Provide effective telemedicine through partnerships.
  • Provide MUSC credentialing to affiliates.


  • Expand teaching and training sites for students, residents and fellows from all MUSC colleges.
  • Provide access to Tumor Boards and other such specialty review services for affiliate providers.
  • Provide access to CME opportunities/Grand Rounds for affiliate providers.

Clinical Research:

  • Increase participation in clinical trials with access to patients in outlying communities.
  • Compete for national research funding through broader collaboration.
  • Provide research support infrastructure for affiliates.
  • Leverage relationships related to existing Centers of Economic Excellence (COEE) program affiliates.
  • Foster industry partnerships.

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