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Message from the Dean


Etta D. Pisano, M.D.

Vice President for Medical Affairs
Dean, College of Medicine

Dear Colleagues:

Medical School LCME Reaccreditation Update

The mock site visit for our LCME reaccreditation took place earlier this week.  This was an excellent opportunity to further prepare for the actual reaccreditation site visit, which will take place January 13-16, 2013.  The Education team and many of our faculty, staff, and students, under the guidance and leadership of Deborah Deas, have worked diligently preparing for reaccreditation, and I am so very appreciative of all of their efforts to date.  As a reminder, the College of Medicine's LCME self-study summary report is available at for your review.  Questions and comments on this document can be submitted on the Education discussion forum at

Nominate Faculty for the Admissions Committee and the Student Progress Committee

The College has faculty-at-large positions available on the Admissions Committee (1 position) and the Student Progress Committee (2 positions).  Please submit nominations for these positions to Natalie Johnson ( by November 26.  We will then follow up with a faculty vote.

Family Medicine Clinical Services Available at Ellis Oaks

The Department of Family Medicine clinical services moved to Ellis Oaks on James Island a couple of weeks ago, just over the James Island Connector from their former location on Calhoun Street.  This move was necessitated by long-standing structural and operational issues with the Calhoun Street facility, and was made after a great deal of careful and thoughtful deliberation.  Our Family Medicine faculty continue to offer the same excellent service and care that was provided at the Calhoun Street location, and the new location continues to offer a full-service pharmacy.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Department of Family Medicine for their cooperation and assistance with this move, and for their continuing commitment to serve their patients and the institution.

Improving Patient Access

Over the past year we have been discussing the importance to our entire organization of improving our patient access.  Clinical leadership, physician champions, and the Access Task Force have been diligently working on solutions, with the initial focus on improving capacity management.  Playbooks have been distributed to division leaders to focus on improving (1) new to established patient ratios; (2) schedule utilization and no-show rates; (3) master schedules complexity for all providers; and (4) reduction of visit types.  I realize this is a tremendous effort, especially for the physician champions, and I thank each of our champion teams for their support on this initiative.

Inaugural Director of the Center for Global Initiatives

Earlier this week, Provost Sothmann announced the appointment of Dr. Michael Sweat as the Inaugural Director of the MUSC Center for Global Initiatives.  Dr. Sweat, who is a faculty member in our Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, will be leading university-wide conversations regarding strategic priorities for MUSC globally while working to coordinate existing global health resources and garnering new resources.  More information about Dr. Sweat and his new role can be found at

2012 Golden Apple Awards Ceremony

I’d like to remind all members of the College of Medicine of the invitation to attend the 2012 Golden Apple Awards Ceremony, which will be held on Thursday, November 29, at 12:00 p.m. in the Drug Discovery Building Auditorium.  A reception will follow the ceremony.  Sponsored by the American Medical Student Association and the College of Medicine, these awards are presented to members of the College who are recognized by our students for their excellence.

Spreading Good News

All of us are proud of the tremendous work being done in research, education and patient care each and every day within our walls and beyond.  With so much good work going on, I call on each of you to help us share our powerful stories with both our internal and external audiences and to help us become more collaborative with regard to communicating our progress and achievements.  If you have news you would like to share with colleagues and our community, please visit the COM Newsroom webpage located here and fill out a press release request form.  For more information on this process, please contact Deborah Reynolds at or 792-6960.  Let’s get the word out about the great things going on in the College of Medicine.

First Annual Women’s Health Research Day

The MUSC Women’s Health Research Center will be holding its first annual Women’s Health Research Day on Thursday, April 18, 2013.  Investigators from across campus are invited to submit their gender/sex-based research for presentation; abstracts are due January 7, 2013.  For more information, please visit

Discussion Forums

As a reminder, we have created new electronic discussion platforms focusing on education, research, clinical affairs, and general information from the Dean’s Office and the College of Medicine.  These forums are intended to serve several purposes.  First, they are another way for my office to share important information with faculty, staff, and students.  Second, they are meant to encourage discussion about issues within the college and to empower everyone within the college to voice their opinions.  These “discussion forums” are intended to be not only channels for messages to be sent out, but channels for YOUR ideas, comments and questions to be heard by college leadership.  Your voice matters and we are pleased there is a new way for it to be heard.  You can access these forums by using the following links and your net ID and password:

Faculty Breakfast Meetings

Faculty who are interested in attending one of my breakfast meetings should contact Beverly Carson ( and indicate which area of focus (research, clinical, education, administration) is of greatest interest to them.  These meetings will typically be held on Thursday mornings at 7:30 a.m.  I hope all faculty who would like to participate in these discussions will sign up for a future breakfast meeting.

As always....

Let's work together to meet our strategic planning goal - to be in the Top 25 among academic medical centers for reputation, quality, service, efficiency and financial performance by 2015.  I look forward to hearing from you - either in person or via email.

I hope that you all have a very happy Thanksgiving holiday.





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